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International Freight

offers, a door-to-door service for time sensitive documents to more than 500 cities in over 150 countries worldwide. We can also offer an overnight service to both London and New York, as we have a direct link.

Road Freight

Designated Global Logistics will assist with the development of overall supply chain management strategies, the development of logistics outsourcing strategies and evaluation of and advice on warehousing and distribution systems.

Ocean Freight

Cost Effective Sea freight – transporting containers of goods by ship is one of the most cost effective forms of transport, which is a beneficial supply chain management aspect for any business

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International logistics company of choice for your cargo

Designated Global Logistics has an international network that tracks every parcel lodged via network and we provide status updates and POD’s via email. Once parcel scanned into network from around the globe our POD is immediately updated in our system. The notify me enables you to be updated on any international shipment via email.
Competitive Pricing
Direct links into established international courier networks in London and New York.

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Passionate about Service Delivery and customer satisfaction, Angela Nunes has a successful background in B2B and B2C with long term Experience in the Logistics Industry.

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